Who we are: We are a team of five psychology labs dedicated to exploring how infants and children think and reason about the world as they grow and develop. Across our labs, we work with babies as young as 3 months all the way up through adolescence! Our research has been featured on 60 Minutes, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and more!
What we do: We bring children and families into our friendly lab space located on Yale’s campus at 1 Prospect St, to participate in some of our fun and quick research studies. There are never any right or wrong answers to our studies. Your child’s information and responses are always confidential, and you or your child can always stop at any time! Our studies are NOT  intended to instruct, diagnose, or change your child’s behavior in anyway. We are interested in studying how thinking changes across ages ranges, and how children behave overall.
What we research:
  • How does children’s moral reasoning develop?
  • How do infants and babies think about the social groups they belong to?
  • How do children learn about science?
  • Who do children see as experts and why? 
  • How do children use another’s action to infer their internal states, like desires and goals?
What you’d do: 
  • Schedule a 30 minute appointment based on your availability
  • Let us know ahead of time of the children and their ages who will be coming in so we can prepare research activities for everyone
  • Park in our free reserved parking spaces nearby
  • See your child watch and hear about puppet shows, story books, or cartoon characters on a computer screen 
  • Hear or see how your child responds!
What you gain from participating: 
  • Interacting with real scientists who are passionate and informed about how your child thinks
  • Helping advance our understanding of how children learn and develop
  • Receiving prizes of your child’s choosing to thank them for their help
  • Exploring Yale’s campus and learn more about developmental psychology